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Weight Management

Diet and exercise need to be balanced in order to achieve successful weight loss. You can exercise as much as you'd like but if you are not eating healthy, you will not receive the full benefit of weight loss, and vice versa. We can educate you on ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle and create an individualized plan to achieve your goals. nutritionist

Convenient Virtual Sessions​

Meet with an expert at a time and place that is most convenient for you! From the comfort of your own home, office or on the go. All sessions are done via video or phone and can be scheduled at any time of the day. If you can find a 30 minutes block of time, you can get healthy and lose weight with BH Dietitian!


Detoxing for Health

Detoxing will clear out toxins from your body and give your digestive system a break to heal and restore naturally, before introducing new eating habits and food. Your mentality and how you view food will drastically alter how effective weight loss and detox will work. Our goal is to set you up for success and shift the way you relate to food. 

Our Dietitian



Anat Rofeh, MS RD

Anat began her career at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles  15 years ago. Anat's passion for nutrition and health began at a very young age when she would see her friends struggling with their weight and following fad diets. In her desire to help her friends Anat decided that she wanted to become the Nutrition Expert and began pursuing a degree in dietetics.

For over 15 years Anat has been working to inspire, motivate and educate people to achieve optimal health through permanent lifestyle changes. Anat's passion lies in wellness and disease prevention. She believes that each of us

deserves to be healthy and has the ability to achieve it – with awareness and desire we learn to take care of our bodies. Anat received both her Bachelors of Science in Dietetics, Nutrition & Food Science and graduated magna cum

laude with her Masters in Nutrition at California State University, Northridge. Her hands-on training was completed at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Association Hospital and at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. She has extensive

experience working in the hospital and the community,

Anat specializes in , weight management, anti-aging nutrition, diabetes, disease prevention,cardiovascular health, oncology, gastrointestinal health, food allergies, detoxification, kidney disease, pregnancy, vegetarianism, and disordered eating.

Memberships include:

▪ The American Dietetic Association (ADA)

▪ California Dietetic Association (CDA)

Education and Experience

▪ Masters of Science, Dietetics, California State University, Northridge

▪ Dietetic Residency, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

▪ 11 years as inpatient clinical registered dietitian at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Areas of expertise include:

▪ Obesity/Weight loss

▪ Weight management

▪ Diabetes

▪ Oncology

▪ Prenatal/Postnatal nutrition

▪ Vegetarianism

▪ Disordered eating

▪ food allergies

▪ Anti-aging

▪ Supplementations

▪ Cardiovascular health (elevated cholesterol, triglycerides and/or blood pressure)

▪ Renal disease

▪ Digestive disorders (Constipation, IBS, Crohn's disease, Colitis)

▪ Sports nutrition

▪ General wellness

▪ Disease prevention

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real testimonials

  • "My family and I are extremely thankful for what Anat has done to change our entire families life style. We came from Kuwait seeking help to change my parents eating habits and lifestyle; Anat had a great knowledge and background about our culture and eating preferences and habits , including fasting in Ramadan. My father has heart disease and my mother had knee pain due to being over weight , Anat gave them basic knowledge to understand the best food for them and helped them tremendously in losing weight ; in addition she recommended vitamins and supplements , and encouraged them to exercise. My parents change in eating habits reflected on our entire family. "

             Alkhateeb Family - Kuwait

  • "Thanks for a very comfortable experience. I feel very  motivated."

  • "I just got my labs from the cardiologist and my bad cholesterol went down to 41 which is amazing.  Thank you for all your help."

  • "My bad cholesterol went down within 4 months,  from 195 ( in December) to 129 ( in April) when the doctor did some blood test. The other big news is that my weight, which was 181# in early January is down to 170.6# as of April.  I wanted you to have the news as you highly contributed to the results!"

  • "Trying to lose weight is one of the hardest steps to take and finding the right balance between diet and lifestyle is even harder.I met Anat over two years ago, and immediately she put me at ease. I was able to follow her instructions and lose the weight gradually without stress or discomfort. With her continuous follow-up and inspirational pep talks, I was able to maintain my weight loss and feel good in the process. Thankfully, I have lost the weight but gained a friend….."

              Thank you, Hythum

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